Welcome to the "The Sundering" Edit

A communal D&D World creation site in preparation for the next iteration of the game.


With a new edition of D&D rapidly approaching it is time for a new campaign setting for players to explore and bring to life.

The goal of this Wiki is to have players from all over - anxious to play D&D Next - to help build and populate this setting. It is best to take a few minutes to peruse the overview page to get an idea of the overarching ideas behind "The Sundering".


Anyone is allowed to make contributions to building this setting so long as they follow a few important rules:

  1. The basic outline of the setting can not be changed by non-administrators. If there is significant interest in changing some part of the outline then it is something that the administrative team can elect to do.
  2. No copyright material can ever be republished as a part of this Wiki.
  3. Refrain from making specific mention to any elements in D&D rulebooks (such as specific monsters) that are not a part of any Dungeons and Dragons SRD.
  4. Try to keep from creating elements that conflict with the overall outline of the setting.
  5. Try to keep from creating too many unique individuals to populate the setting as they can have a tendency to overshadow players.
  6. Use common sense and keep the site clean and appropriate for players of all ages.

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